Why Choose Us

CONE Smart Manufacturing LLC is a holding company with three manufacturing facilities in Guangdong, China. We are specialized in manufacturing customized precision Machining Components, Casting Parts, Plastic or Silicone Rubber molded parts and also Prototyping.
Founded in 2005, CONE Smart Manufacturing LLC operated a workshop for plastic molding and tooling. Began from 2011, we acquired a machining shop. Late in 2017, we invested on a metalwork company who has the capabilities of casting and stamping.
Now we offer a wide range of manufacturing solutions, including machining, casting, stamping and molding. Our engineering team has rich experience in working for many top companies.


Our target is to provide one-stop manufacturing solution throughtout the world. We offer extreme flexibility for your and your project needs.

CONE Smart Manufacturing will provide you with the following benefits and advantages:

- More saving on manufacturing cost.

- State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

- On site manufacturing supervision for quality control.

- Bilingual engineers reporting on your project.

- Reasonable short lead time.


Our Company Philosophy:

Talents and Technology creat advantages.


Our Company Motto:

Customer-Centric, Improve Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction.


Our Company Culture:

Value Creation. Go Beyond Yourself. Gaining with Growing. Honor Winning. Social Responsibility.